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The Bag Broker UK

Submission of Artwork

Software used by The Bag Broker:

-Adobe Photoshop CC or older.
-Adobe Illustrator CC or older.

Artwork provided in Corel Draw can be used for processing in most circumstances. Please do not convert the file, but mail or email to us directly. All files using Corel Draw should be in version 9 or older.

Any files or CD-ROMs submitted should have their files formatted according the the guidelines below: 
-Adobe Photoshop. Save files as *.PSD files. Please make sure that that layers are not merged.
-Adobe Illustrator. Save files as *.AI files.
-Macromedia Freehand. Save files as *.FH files.

-For Illustrator and Freehand, users:
1. Please make an outline of the text before the file is send, in case we don't have the same typeface.
2. We would prefer the complete image files, as we will need to do colour separation.

If any image files are attached, the resolution must be at least 300 DPI. (350 DPI is preferred for the best result). Do not only have the images saved as part of the artwork, also save them separately in the same size and resolution as the images in the graphics files. This will ease the pre-print processing of the artwork considerably. 
If any custom colours are used, please notify us, or attach sample pads. 

Also, please print a proof of the artwork and send along with the CD ROM. This will make it easier for us to check colours and the placement of graphics. 

If your designer requests pouch lines or die lines, please contact us.