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Aillio Knockbox Spline White Zoom

Aillio Knockbox Spline White

SKU: SKWHT540023
A double wall knockbox designed in Copenhagen to make our lives a little easier.
Take your used portafilter and tap the basket against the rubber bar. The clump of spent espresso grounds, or “puck” as it is sometimes called, will drop into the knockbox for easy disposal. (If the puck stays in one piece, it’s a good sign that your brewing is on the right track!)

ABS Plastic, EPDM rubber, 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Diameter 160mm, Height 126mm
Net Weight: 425g

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Sizes for Box Bottom Bags:
250g with zipper: 190mm X 110mm X 80mm
500g with zipper: 250mm X 125mm X 90mm
1kg with zipper: 340mm X 145mm X 90mm
250g without zipper:240mm X 100mm X 65mm
500g without zipper:290mm X 110mm X 80mm
1kg without zipper: 345mm X 135mm X 95mm

Sizes for Side Gusset Bags:
250g: 280mm X 80mm X 50mm
500g: 340mm X 105mm X 65mm
1kg: 420mm X 130mm X 75mm

Sizes for Stand Up Pouches:
250g: 230mm X 160mm X 90mm
500g: 275mm X 190mm X 100mm
1kg: 335mm X 240mm X 120mm


Bags per box: 500
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    Aillio Knockbox Spline White
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