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How traditional foods can benefit from smarter packaging

Many traditional foods from around the world are packaged using similarly ‘traditional’ methods and while this can add to the aesthetic value of a product, it is not always what is best for the storage of the food. If you manufacture a type of traditional food it can be a great idea to look into contemporary packaging. Here are five foods from around the world that can benefit from better packaging.


French pastries

France is famous for its baked goods from macarons and croissants to palmiers and canelés. And while these treats are truly superb when fresh, they lose much of their magic if they are allowed to dry out. That’s why it can be so vital to choose the correct packaging for them. It is important that the packaging is both as air-tight as is practical, but also clear to show off the good looks of the product.



Colourful Macaroons

This is an example of how modern packaging can make a huge difference to the life of a product. The longer a pastry can be kept fresh, the better shelf life the product has, not to mention more enjoyment for the customer.



There is no doubt that Italy is a country of incredible food, and there would be nothing worse than spoiling the food that you are manufacturing with bad packaging. You might think that because something like dried pasta generally had a long shelf life that the packaging isn’t too much of an issue. But the truth is that getting the packaging wrong can result in your product getting to the customer in bad condition. Zip seal bags are available for pasta products and can be perfect for your needs, whether you are producing small artisan batches or mass producing.

Colourful pasta tagliatelle

Paella rice

You can’t make a great paella without high quality paella rice. Undoubtedly one of Spain’s premier national dishes, paella allows spices and flavours to infuse within the rice for a rich and flavourful meal. But without the right rice, it can be easy to get paella wrong. If you produce paella rice it is important to get the right kind of packaging to ensure it reaches customers in the best possible condition. Get this wrong and the results can be disappointing, leading them to avoid your products in future.

Spanish seafood rice paella close up


Poland is now becoming better known for its food, which has left many producers in a position to start marketing the products around the world. From the doughnut-like paczki and sweet babka cake to cured spicy sausage and filled dumplings known as pierogi, the range of different food items is enormous.

Dumplings with cherries and leaves

The companies that are going to be successful in exporting Polish goods are those that will have the packaging that gets their product overseas in the best possible condition. It doesn’t matter how good your pierogis are when they are made if they don’t reach customers in the same state. It’s a great idea to invest in modern packaging.

Greek olives

Once again it is the case that olives can be a thing of beauty if they are correctly stored. Synonymous with Greek cuisine, olives have become a popular addition to diets across the world and can be exported well with the right packaging. The best choice is with a seal and a zip lock to retain freshness even after opening.

Different marinated olives