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The Bag Broker UK

New Box Bottom Bags on Line – Now

21st April heralds the arrival of some exciting new lines in our Box Bottom Bags

These have been our bestselling bags for some time and as a result we are delighted to announce that we are extending the line to include some very appealing options. We are introducing Matt Red and Black Kraft to the range and adding some Matt White and White Kraft options to the range

The box bottom bag is our high end solution - they are designed so that they are freestanding, they have  four sides for labelling, and a fairly small footprint on the shelf. Also, when they come with a rip zip, they have a unique re-sealing feature for the end user.

New box bottom bags available now

A unique feature is that some of our bags have a slit for a little card, which enables the customer to write a story about the product inside. Most come with one-way valves.

Our new products include an original Matt Red version, that offers a unique off beat style – slightly irreverent, quirky and different. These will be available in 250g and 1kg.

We are also introducing some Black Kraft and additional White Kraft versions where the quality, versatility, and value can help you and your business improve the look and feel of your products, enhance your branding efforts, and improve your bottom line. These will be available in 250g, 500g and 1kg for both White and Black Kraft.

The full listing of products available from 21st April are as follows 

  • 250g in black, black Kraft, matt red and matt white

  • 500g in black Kraft and white Kraft

  • 1kg in white Kraft, black Kraft, matt red and matt white

All bags come with a one way valve and some come with our unique rip zip

Full details of product specs can be seen on our website at https://www.thebagbroker.co.uk/box-bottom.html and we would be delighted to send out samples of these bags. Please call us on 01293 804 658