True Bio Bags (Biodegradable Food Packaging)

If you are looking for flexible, eco-friendly food packaging, then the True Bio Bag is the answer. We have worked exceptionally hard to create this organic packaging solution. True Bio Bags use the same elegant, sturdy designs as our side gusset bags and stand-up pouches but are constructed from fully biodegradable materials and components. Many competitors offer bags that can take up to 10 years to breakdown, The Bag Broker bags can biodegrade in just 90 days when composted properly.

True Bio Bags have been created to deliver the same protection for your products as our other packaging options, ensuring your goods stay at optimum freshness and offering exceptional versatility in a solution designed to be biodegradable. They are available in our popular Kraft finishes and can be produced with a zip lock or one-way degassing valve if required, making them a versatile option for biodegradable food packaging requirements.


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