Five reasons eco-friendly tea & coffee packaging is better

Eco-friendliness is undoubtedly a big issue in packaging at the moment. It can be a great option for many: product producers, customers, stockists, suppliers, and more. But not everyone is convinced by it, perhaps having concerns about how to implement it with their product.

Whether its high-quality recyclable bags or biodegradable options – there is something to suit any business selling coffee or tea products. 2021 could be the perfect time to switch to eco-friendly packaging.

If you’re not sure, here are five good reasons that environmentally-friendly tea and coffee packaging is better.

1 – Better for the environment

It is up to responsible business owners to do the right thing for the environment. Businesses should commit to a level of corporate social responsibility and make the effort to do everything they can to help the environment.

It is now the case that there are so many eco-friendly packaging options available that there will be something to suit you, regardless of your needs and requirements.

2 – Impresses your customers

It is important to recognise that consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. They like it when they can see that they product they are buying is going to be a positive for the environment. And it is can genuinely be the case that if your competitor offers an eco-friendlier option, they might be tempted to choose it instead, even if they prefer the quality of your product.

That is why if you are choosing an eco-friendly tea and coffee packaging option, you can champion this on your packaging and show that you are making a difference. This can work as an incentive for customers to buy your product instead of a competitor.

3 – Opens up your potential stockists

One point that is definitely worth noting is that the businesses and shops that stock your product can be impressed by eco-friendly packaging too. They know what their customers are looking for, and if you can provide them with a great tea or coffee product option that has green credentials too – that can make you popular.

It works the other way too; some stockists that have a particularly eco-conscious customer base may not be willing to stock your product if you do not have environmentally-friendly packaging.

4 – A good feeling for your staff

Staff like to feel that they are working for a company that is doing the right things. If you make it a part of your brand to use eco-friendly packaging, it can give a real boost to your team.

Remember that when your staff feel like they care about the company, they are more likely to be productive and produce their best work.

5 – It’s great value for money

Some businesses worry about the cost of eco-friendly packaging. They may be concerned that spending more on packaging will eat into their profit margin, and that eco-friendly materials are going to cost a significant amount more than the packaging they are currently using.

Actually, it’s not nearly as expensive as you think. The costs of eco-friendly tea and coffee packaging have come down substantially in the past few years.

Additionally, when you choose to upgrade your packaging to an eco-friendly alternative, you can be certain that you will be getting a high-quality product that has all of the benefits listed above. This shows that this type of eco-friendly coffee and tea packaging offers exceptional value for money compared with traditional packaging.

If you are interested in learning more about the range of eco-friendly coffee and tea packaging options available, get in contact with the team at The Bag Broker. We have years of experience providing high-quality green packaging to businesses across Europe – we would be happy to help you with all your packaging needs.

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