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Side Gusset Bag for coffee, tea and food packaging

The Side Gusset Bag is a classic choice and is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to tea or coffee packaging. The Side Gusset is a great packaging choice at a competitive cost.  

Read on to find out more about the Side Gusset bag.  

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What is a Side Gusset Bag?

Side Gusset bags are the most traditional packaging choice when it comes to tea and coffee bags.  

The bags are constructed with gussets that works as extra panels to expand the bag to hold more product. This adds more space and flexibility to the package as well as reinforcing it.  

To further reinforce the bag most manufactures will offer the bag with a sturdy high-quality K seal. The seal is left at the bottom of the bag, and the top is left open for adding product.  

K seal bottoms have a sealing at a 30-degree angles from the bag, allowing some stress to be taken of the seals and as such it is suitable for heavier goods, which makes it a smart choice for food packaging. This type of seal also helps the bag stand well.  

The Side Gusset bags are mostly made with the finished seal ban being centred at the rear. However, some manufactures offer the seal ban to be fitted at the rear corner to keep the rear panel of the bag free to add labels, text, and graphics without having a seam running down the middle.  

Side Gusset bags can be fitted with a round one-way degassing valve allowing the product to stay fresh for longer. The construction of the bag also allows for it to be made as a recyclable or compostable packaging option.  

These factors make the Side Gusset Bag an excellent choice when looking for a high-quality storage and protection of the product at a competitive cost.  `

The Side Seal Bag is a classic in the packaging industry

The importance of packaging is evolving and now more than ever it is needed to fully evaluate what you as a business need from your packaging. Packaging should not just protect and preserve your product from the elements it should serve as an ambassador.  

The Side Gusset bag is a popular choice for packaging as it delivers on all these factors at a reasonable price point.  

The construction of the bag together with the K-seal means that this bag will be able to fully protect your product and carry the weight of heavier products.  

Side Gusset bags are a great choice for conveying your brand message as they are printable on all four sides. Because of the ample space the bag can display graphics as well as information about the product and the story behind it.  

According to a report by Unilever, a third of consumers prefer sustainable brands, and they will choose to buy products from a brand that they believe are doing social or environmental good. Therefore, if you as a brand have sustainable values it is important to show it in your packaging.  

The Side Gusset can be a great choice as the bag can be made in a range of environmentally friendly materials. The Side Gusset bag is a wonderful choice for recyclable coffee bags. 

The construction of the bag allows the bag, when made in an environmentally friendly material to remain at a lower price point compared to the Box Bottom bags and the Stand Up Pouches made in an environmentally friendly material.  

The Side Gusset bags are therefore an excellent choice for someone looking to match their sustainable values.  

The Side Gusset Bag is one of the most affordable bag types

The Side Gusset bag is a solid bag that hits a lot of marks when deciding on a packaging option. However, it does lack certain factors that other bags cover, which allows it to be at a lower price point.  

Side Gusset bags are constructed with one seal band at the back. This means that this type of bag is not able to feature zippers that will allow the customer to reseal the bag airtight, as is the case for the Quad Seal bag.  

Instead, they can be closed by rolling or folding the top part and securing it with adhesive tape or a tin tie. This is a convenient way to seal the bag but as it is not as affect as a zipper any product for consumption will not keep the same level of freshness.  

The features of the bag makes it widely used as tea and coffee bags, however it is less used as food bags.  

It is no wonder that the Side Gusset bag is a popular choice when choosing packaging. It is a bag with many notable features at a reasonable cost.  

The side gusset bag is the classic choice for coffee and tea packaging, and our version at The Bag Broker is second to none. As standard our bags are made of high-quality materials with excellent barrier properties, thus ensuring a longer fresher shelf life for your products, while minimizing waste. 

At the Bag Broker our side gusset bags are an excellent choice for the price conscious customer, who is looking for a bag with good protective packaging properties that can be used for a wide range of applications, including protection of wholesale products, and eye-catching qualities that compares favorably with that of competitive products on a supermarket shelf.  

Side gusset bags can be made from all material choices offered by us. This includes our True Bio Bags which are compostable bags, as well as our recyclable bags.  

Furthermore, they can be printed in up to 8 colours. Like all our bags and films, the PET side gusset bags can be offered with a durable spot matt varnish, to ensure that your products stand out when displayed on the shelf. 

We, at The Bag Broker want to design your coffee packaging to stand out. We can help you to grow your coffee brand with our custom packaging and help you every step of the way to create an identity. Our wide range of printing styles and coffee bag choices can elevate your brand and help you to showcase your products in exactly the right style for your business.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or use our online form to get a free quotation for your packaging.

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