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The Bag Broker UK

True Bio Bag

 The True Bio Bag, for coffee roasters that care about the environment!


Side Gusseted Bags with Valve
Side Gusseted Bags without Valve
Stand Up Pouches with Valve
Stand Up Pouches without Valve

General Information About True Bio Bag: 


The True Bio Bag is the first of its kind in the UK. Offering both our class leading Side Gusset Bag and Stand Up Pouch made from 100% biodegradable components. Not only are we providing these in our popular Kraft finishes but we are proud to also offer the Zip (if specified) and Valve (Stand up Pouch only) which are also biodegradable. 

Here at the Bag Broker we have worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to bring a true biodegradable bag. Unlike other lesser competitor offerings which can take 5-10 years to compost ours, in the right circumstances, will do so in 90 days. 

Your produce is as important to us as they are to you which has ensured that we have focused on delivering a flexible packaging solution that not only offers the most environmentally conscious product but also one that ensures that the goods placed inside are maintained at the very optimum of freshness, as with all of our standard non bio bags. 

If you are looking to provide the most organic in flexible packaging there is only one option. The True Bio Bag. 

A combination of excellent features and unique benefits, this really is one of the best bag storage and packaging solutions on the market. 

Material Choices:
Outer layer: Natural Kraft
Barrier: Bio Barrier
Inner liner: Bio PE