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The Bag Broker UK

Bags for Food

The Bag Broker UK offers a wide selection of flexible packaging for dry food products, such as pasta, rice, nuts, flour and similar goods.

With a variety of high-quality materials and innovative features, wholesalers, retailers and suppliers can benefit from attractive dry food packaging that keeps edible items fresh for as long as possible. Look for zip closures, degassing valves, self-standing designs and more.

Our premium finishes, including natural Kraft and coloured foils, are available at a competitive price. This ensures our UK clients can be confident that their rice packaging, pasta bags or pouches for dried fruit or olives will stand out on the shelf.

All of our dry food packaging bags are manufactured to EU and German food grade standards in ISO-9000 certified factories. This means you can be sure of the consistent quality of our products, and the ongoing satisfaction of your customers.

To find out more about our products or enquire about professional printing for custom dry food packaging, please contact us.

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